Please Look Forward to Our New Member of EOS family
Author:Admin    Published:2017-08-21 16:34:01   
The Telecom R&D Department of RAYCOM is designing and developing a new kind of EOS card for MSAP platform---Gigabit Ethernet to VC4 Converter—GS4A,this card will be launched at the end of next month. At that time, besides the VC12 virtual concatenation and high convergence capabilities of the traffic card, such as the Ethernet Aggregation by EoSDH card, Ethernet Copper Access by EoSDH card, Double VCG Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation card, etc., the EOS family will add a new card with VC4 granularity, which supports up to 8 VC4 members Virtual concatenation, and the bandwidth of single channel will be greatly increased.
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