Warmly Welcome a New Member of the MSAP Family
Author:Admin    Published:2017-06-28 16:32:52   
RAYCOM MSAP Family Added a New Member---The Telecom R&D Department of RAYCOM Launched a STM-4 downlink card TU622-2 on June 28th,2017. Therefore,the 3 kinds of SDH Optical Tributary card of MSAP family,STM-1 downlink card with 4 optical ports, STM-1 downlink card with 8-optical ports and STM-4 downlink card with 2 optical ports, had all appeared in the market. STM-4 downlink card supports DXC in VC-4 granularity, provides STM-4 level optical branch traffic, enhance the traffic bandwidth of MSAP downlink greatly.
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